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The Value of One

For almost 40 Years, The Wilbanks have been making music in churches, conventions and conferences around North America. Terry was Musical Director from the late 70’s to the early 90’s in a gifted church in Flint, MI. The Wilbanks started as one of the many talented groups of the church and have now grown into a ministry that has touched many lives through concerts and recorded music. Their influences range from soulful sounds of jazz, blues and gospel to the rootsy sounds of country music. The goal of every song and concert is to provide the desiring heart with the opportunity to connect with the Maker of the Universe, Jesus Christ. The current members, Terry, Rene, Monica and Jason have ministered together for the last 15 years. Terry and Rene call Houston, TX home, while Jason and Monica call Dallas, TX home. Reality is they spend most of their time together traveling and ministering.

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