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The Value of One

Brandon Marin

My name is Brandon Marin. I call Atlanta, GA home. I have loved music for as long as I can remember. I believe God has gifted me with a love and ability to create music, and I am thankful He has entrusted me with an opportunity to share it. I am passionate about music and will continue to pursue it as long as there is an open door.

Rise & Go – EP is my first project ever! It’s a handful of songs that collectively represent me answering God’s call on my life in this season. The songs speak about releasing my grip on life, staying faithful in the hard times, new beginnings, and the secret power to do all this without the fear of failing, His spirit. I hope these songs inspire you to ask questions about things that matter, create conversations of eternal significance, and make decisions of eternal consequence. I hope these songs enable you to Rise & Go!

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