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The Value of One

Austen, Scarlett, Winter, and Ethan Elms are four siblings from sunny south Florida making music. They were born into a family totally given to Ministry in all its forms. Having been raised and taught and loved by some of the wisest and most sincere people in the world, they were well-equipped for lives of serving God and others. Their desire is to make music that both reflects the nuances of living holy lives in today’s culture and encourages young people to think and speak and live better. They stand by the motto that the world will always need more of God’s love.

Austen Elms from 4^ talks about his original song "Sober Days" 

Scarlett Elms from 4^ talks about her original song "Empty Your Hands" 

Ethan Elms from 4^ talks about his original song "One Day" 

Winter Elms from 4^ talks about her original song "Higher" 

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